Saturday, September 5, 2015

Personal Planners

Warning: Long post, lots of pictures, and no cards!  If you haven't been infected by Planner Mania yet it might be best to run away. Quite fast. Come back tomorrow when I'll be back to cardmaking :)

Having choked on my morning cuppa at the price of Erin Condren planners, but loving the vertical layout, I discovered Personal Planners.  So many choices! You can choose your front and back cover design (a collage of personal photos, for example), the colour of the elastic strap, the layout, lots of things, but best of all - which month you want your planner to start! You don't have to wait till January.

The customer service from this company is outstanding.  An absolute pleasure to deal with.

There are different sizes of planner from €23.90 to €28.90 (A5, the one I chose)  INCLUDING SHIPPING. Compare that to Erin Condren if you've a strong stomach.

I was told two weeks delivery time and my planner arrived well within that time frame.

I ordered in August, so chose September as the start month and they added a week or so of August so I could start using it as soon as it arrived.

The quality is lovely.  The plastic cover (front and back) is strong and durable and the actual cover is a decent heavyweight glossy card.

I just love the vertical layout, so much easier for me to see what's going on this week, but you can have the more conventional horizontal layout too.

There are tons of choices here - the design at the top of the page (I chose to match the covers), the layout, you can have times running down the page, weather, ruled or not, the colour of the lines, so much choice!

Oh and at this point you can choose the colour of your ruler, I chose clear.  Some people are annoyed the ruler doesn't run the whole length of the page and stick out the top to mark your place.  Doesn't bother me, I just place it so it sticks out the top.  You can 'unzip' it and place it back anywhere.

more choices - what you want at the bottom of the pages.  On the left side I chose To Do lists but there are lots of options.  

On the right I have This Week's Dinners (if I don't plan this dinner becomes a nightly craziness)

I bought some bits to pimp my planner.  Tesco have some cheap n cheerful stuff and the Stickie flag tags repositionable tabs are fantastic for adding pages to your planner - this video explains this much better than I can .  I found mine's in a local office supplies shop

You can also add pages and photographs using the method Roxy shows in this video at 4:00 mins in

Still here?  Then you might as well hear about Pilot Frixion erasable pens.  I bought a set of 3 in Easons reduced to €6.99.  Love these pens, they are so easy to erase.  And they have a clip which means I can store it tidily in the coils of the planner:

Another thing that's included with the planner is a plastic pocket which you can also unzip and place wherever you like in your planner.  Holds whatever bits you want:

there's a load of pages at the back of the planner, you can have maps and I forget what other options, I chose some blank, some squared (pic above) and some ruled.

I forgot to mention the inside cover page which you can also personalise with your name, an inspirational quote, your contact details if the planner is lost, etc.

Oh almost forgot, you can have dates personalised, e.g., all your family and friends birthdays printed into the planner.

While we're on the subject of planners, I'm thinking about getting these gorgeous stamps from Waltzingmouse Stamps

Do you use a planner and enjoy pimping it?  Let me know, I want to visit your blog for a peek!

Ger x

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