Thursday, May 31, 2012

Work in Progress - mini book

I'm new to mini books but I'm having a lot of fun.  I'm following Felicia's Tutorial and all the pages and covers are ready and decorated although I'm still moving things around on the cover - stuff isn't stuck down yet and no doubt I will embellish some more.  Because of the green beads in the image I added one of my own green beads to a string of chain and charms cut off a cheap Penneys necklace.  The paper clips were a pound shop buy, and some of the ribbons have been coloured with Distress Stains.

I really don't want to do scrapbooking -although it's fun to admire other people's layouts, the 12 x 12 thing is too much for me and huge to store.  This mini book thing is much more manageable.  I could get hooked!  I chose Tim Holtz Crowded Attic 12 x 12s after seeing someone else using them.  I will fill the book with old photos from my parents' stash, the papers are perfect for this. 

After seeing the Bind it All in action I really don't want to bind this book with ribbon. Guess what's on my wishlist .....

My daughter's debs is this summer and I'm already planning bright and pretty papers for a mini book to hold photos from that occasion.  Then there's my friend's wedding next month.  Am I getting close to justifying the cost of a Bind it All LOL?

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Ger x.


  1. The Bind-it-all is great. Well worth its money. Delighted to see you using the crowded attic papers and looking forward to seeing the finished project, mine is still waiting for a few finishing touches. Nice to have met you on Saturday it was a lovely day.

  2. This is looking great,I love those papers. The Bind-it-All is worth the money, if you get it I would say buy your rings as big as possible to allow for embellishments.
    My next purchase will be a Cropadile so that I can add eyelets and bind with ribbon!!