Thursday, January 28, 2016


Feeling defeated by painting cornflowers for Watercolour for Cardmakers homework, I got inspired by some participants who painted poppies instead.  

The bottom right was a disaster.  Yes I know it's still a hot mess, but you should have seen it when the inked up stamp fell off the block.  That'll teach me to clean the back of my cling stamps.  I tried scraping it off with a knife but there was just too much.  Then I tried to lift it with rubbing alcohol - it didn't work, but it saturated the paper so that when I scraped again with the knife I got the ink off.  Leaving the mess you see but at least the card didn't end up in the bin.

I have so little time for homework for these classes after work but that's okay, there's so much to learn and loads of videos to watch and practise.  I'll be using these lessons and videos long after class has ended.  

Ger x

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